Using the Add New Season feature, you can keep the past season’s roster, payment schedule, invoices and budget available while also creating a new season with its own roster, payment schedule, invoices and budget. This way you can invite players, track invoices and collect dues for the new season while still collecting dues from last season. Note: by default, the roster from last season will be copied to the new season, but you can easily change this. Also note that the team assistants are not season specific and will have access to all seasons. 


Go to the team page and then to the Settings tab. Select Add New Season.

  1. Enter the new season dates. These dates are not set in stone and can be edited at any time.

  2. The Season Nickname is not necessary to add a new season. If no nickname is used, the date range for the seasons will be visible. If a nickname is used, that will be displayed to all users (club admins, team assistants, parents) instead of the date range. 


I added a new season - now what?

Toggle between seasons using the dropdown menu at the top of the team's page. Past season information will not be archived - you can always view past collections, payment schedules, player rosters and budgets by toggling to a past season. 


Your player roster has been copied over, but a new payment schedule and expenses budget has been created for the new season. Once your payment schedule has been established, you can send invites to the players for that season and the new payment schedule. If the player roster looks different from the previous season, you can easily edit the players on the team as well before sending the invites.