This sign up guide is for you if you're the owner or representative of an unincorporated association that is signing up for the Groundwork banking platform. If you are an incorporated non-profit, this guide doesn't apply to you and you can follow the regular sign up as shown on the website. 

Visit the Groundwork Sign Up Page to sign up for your Groundwork account. Documents and information you’ll want to have handy for sign up are:

  • EIN Letter from the IRS

  • Bylaws for your organization

  • Front and Back photo of your Driver’s License

See this article if you need help getting an EIN Letter or Bylaws. Once you’re ready, you can create an account and proceed into signup. 

On the first page, enter your personal information, and the second page asks for basic information about your organization:

  • Phone Number and Email have to be unique from your personal contact information - we recommend using any secondary phone number and e-mail.

On the Business page, you’ll provide more information and upload some documentation for your group:

  • There is an extra field here that won’t apply to your organization. In lieu of the Articles of Incorporation, upload your EIN Document a second time. You will need an official letter from the IRS assigning you an EIN and Bylaws, if you don’t have either of these documents, you can reference our blog post on how to get them. 

Finally, on the last page, you’ll submit more personal identifying information that will be used on your account:

  • Make sure to submit clear, color photos of your driver’s license with all four edges of the ID showing in the photo.

Once you submit, we’ll work with you to make sure your application is accepted by our banking partner, and reach out within 24-48 hours to activate your account!