The type of documentation you use to create your account will be related to how your organization is structured. Find your organization type below and see what documents you can use for your organization. If you have any questions about the documents you have, reach out to us at [email protected] and we'll review with you.

The person creating the account should be the primary admin and an officer/director of the club who is authorized to open a bank account. You should also have electronic copies of the following documents to upload when you create the account. Our banking partner, Evolve Bank & Trust (Member FDIC), will use these to verify your organization.

Also, check out these Photo ID recommendations for ensuring your Drivers License photos meet the requirements and will be accepted on the first pass.

Table Of Contents:

About the EIN Letter

This is the most important document that you'll need to submit. There has to be documentation in a letter received from the IRS of the EIN of our organization. If you don't have an EIN letter, you can call the IRS to get an electronic copy (this is within a business day and does not take the 10 weeks stated on the site).

Non-profit (or S-Corp)

Non-profit organizations will need to provide the following at signup:

  • EIN Verification Letter from the IRS
  • Organization Bylaws
  • EITHER: Non-Profit Status Letter from the IRS OR Articles of Incorporation


If your organization is an LLC, submit the following documentation:

  • EIN Verification Letter from the IRS
  • Operating Agreement (submit this for the "Bylaws" upload)
  • LLC Filing paperwork or Articles of Organization (submit this for "Articles of Incorporation")

Additionally, we'll need to collect some info for every owner who owns 25% or more of the LLC:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • E-mail
  • % ownership
We are also required to submit the SSN and a front and back photo of their Drivers License. Support will reach out to you to securely collect SSNs and Drivers License photos.

Sole Proprietorship

For a sole proprietorship, please submit the following:

  • EIN Verification Letter from the IRS
  • DBA or Fictitious Name Statement (upload for Bylaws)
  • Local Business Licenses or Business Registration (upload for Articles of Incorporation)


If your organization is not described by one of the categories above, please send us an e-mail and we'll help you figure out what to submit. It's best to take a survey of what documents you have that describe the operation of your business so we can advise you what to submit! [email protected]