If you have a lot of teams to set up, we've built some features to make your life easier.

Copy Team

You can quickly make a copy of a team that will copy the payment schedule and all of the players on the team. When you make a copy, you'll have the opportunity to change the team name, organizer name and season dates.

Using the copy team feature is an efficient way of creating a lot teams that share season dates and with similar team names. It's also helpful for teams that have the same or very similar payment schedules. If this is the case, make sure to create your first team and set the payment schedule. Then when you make a copy of the team, the payment schedule will be copied too. It will be copied and you'll have an opportunity to edit it before you publish it.

Import Payment Schedule

You can also import a payment schedule from another team to a team you've already created. When you import it, you'll be able to edit the line items in place.

If you'd like to bulk add players to teams, check out the how-to guide here.