If you have deposited a check or cash from a parent, you will want to reconcile it on Groundwork as soon as is it available for reconciliation. Once any deposits have been settled, they will appear highlighted in yellow in the Settled Transactions table as shown below.

How to reconcile a deposit

Reconcile a deposit by clicking on the dropdown on the right of the line item.

1. Select the Player to apply the deposit. 

2. Apply the deposit amount to the respective payment(s). You can also add memos to remind you of any details of the transaction.

3. Go ahead and make sure everything looks good, and reconcile when you're done. You can always go back and undo the reconciliation if needed.

Reconciling a payment to multiple players
You can apply a payment to different players by repeating the same steps and selecting another player at step 1. If there are funds left to reconcile, the deposit will remain highlighted in yellow until the total amount has been reconciled.

How to undo a reconciled mobile deposit

If you ever need to undo a reconciliation, for example you might need to edit where the funds are applied, you can do so by clicking on the dropdown to the right to un-reconcile the mobile deposit.

Select the item you'd like to undo the reconciliation. In the example below there is only one payment item that we had applied the mobile deposit to previously. If you had applied the deposit to different payment items, you can select which you'd like to undo and which you'd like to keep.

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