If your Groundwork debit card has been lost or stolen, deactivate the card and report the card by calling 844-922-0922. 

How to deactivate your card

  1. Login to your account, and go to Teams >> Debit Cards

  2. You can either deactivate your card by clicking the link below your card number information, or by using the dropdown menu to the right.

Note: Once deactivated, while the card cannot be used for purchases or ATM transactions, pending transactions will still be completed.

  1. You will see that the card deactivation is in progress. Refresh the page to see that the deactivation has been confirmed!

You can find the link to reactivate your card in the same place as shown above. 

If you’re having any trouble with deactivating or reactivating your card, drop us a message in the chat widget below or call 844-922-0922.