What is Groundwork?

Groundwork is a web-based financial management platform for team's finances. As an all-in-one banking solution, you can use Groundwork to collect and track player payments in a team bank account, and pay for team expenses using a Groundwork debit card.

Your Team Bank Account

Groundwork is your team’s bank account - you can receive deposits in your account and spend from it directly using a Groundwork debit card! 

How it works

Your club will set up a bank account for your team and assign you as the team assistant. You will receive an email invitation and be asked to sign up. Once you are signed up and verified as the team assistant, the club will assign you as the cardholder and provide you with a debit card! You will be able to activate your card through your Groundwork account. 

Your Groundwork team bank account is then set up to begin collecting payments and ready for spending on team expenses! Here’s how:

Collect Player Payments

  • Automatic online billing for card and ACH deposits

  • Deposit checks via mobile deposit

  • Deposit cash at any GreenDot location

Pay for Team Expenses

  • Spend with your Groundwork debit card

  • Withdraw cash from an ATM or with a purchase (Cash Back)

  • Pay by check using BillPay

Getting Started Overview

  1. Sign up as a Team Assistant on Groundwork 

  2. Receive and activate your Groundwork issued debit card from the club

  3. Set up your team and payment schedule

  4. Set up a budget for team spending

  5. Start collecting and spending for your team

  6. Enjoy the season!

Here is a step-by-step guide to getting started as a Team Assistant on Groundwork!