Organizers can add team assistants to individual teams to help manage team payments. Assistants can do everything on a team except delete it.

For example, assistants can:

  • Add new players to the team or remove existing players from the team
  • Create/change the team payment schedule or put team payments on hold
  • Edit player payments for that team. E.g increase/decrease amounts, give scholarships/discounts, delete payments, etc.
  • Email parents from the app
  • Record offline payments

Assistants have access to all of the player pages for players that are on the team. They only see player payments for teams they are assistants for, and not others.

In addition, assistants see collection summaries on their dashboard for teams they are assistants on.

Switching between roles

If you already have a parent or organizer account with Groundwork, you can use the same email to sign up as a team assistant. When you log in, you can switch between various roles by clicking on your name in the top right hand corner of the screen. For example, you can switch from your role as a parent to your role as a team assistant.

Resources for Team Assistants

Video Tutorial Series for Team Assistants

Introduction to Groundwork for Team Assistants