Link Signup is a way of sharing a link that anyone can use to signup to one of your teams or programs. You can put this link on your website, on your registration form, send it out via email, etc. It's great for getting people signed up for tryouts, camps, clinics and teams with open signups. If you want signups to be invite-only, then you should not enable link signup and use the email invitations built into Groundwork instead. (More on email invitations vs. link signups here.) Anyone who has the signup link can signup to any team with link signup enabled.

How to enable link signup

You can enable link signup when you're first creating the team, or after you've created the team. Checkout our guide on enabling link signup.

How does it work?

You can choose to allow public link signups on a per-team basis from your Groundwork account. Anyone who has access to the signup link can sign up to a team or program that has this enabled.

The link will look something like this and is unique to your account: (this is not your link). You can put this link anywhere: on your website, as part of your registration, in an email, on Facebook, in a text message, etc.

After you share the signup link with parents, here is what the signup process will look like for them.

1. Follow the signup link

Parents will be directed to a welcome screen and be asked to provide the email address they'd like to receive notifications to. They will then need to create their account with their name, phone number, birth date and password.

2. Choose player and team/program

The parent enters the player name they wish to sign up and choose the team or program from the drop-down. Only teams that you enable link signup for will appear in the drop-down.

3. Review payments and choose how to pay

Parents will be presented with the default payment schedule for the team. Here they can select how they want to pay. They can pay with their bank account or card. They also choose if they want to pay overtime with AutoPay or pay everything up front with "Pay All Now".

If you'd like for a particular player to have customized payments, you have a few options. The best way is to add the player to the team ahead of time and send them a private email invitation. Alternatively, you can always customize payments after they have signed up using the public link.

4. Enter payment information

Parents then enter their payment information that will be used to charge them for payments.

If parents have signed up before, they can choose one of their past payment methods here if they login.

5. Review and authorize billing

Lastly, parents review their payments and authorize billing.

That's it! Signing up using a link is super easy.