Welcome! We're thrilled you're using Groundwork to manage your club's finances. This guide will help you get the most out of Groundwork so you can get back to focusing on the fun stuff.


Create your first team

Once you're logged in, navigate to the Teams Overview page by clicking the Teams button in the left navigation bar. Click the Add Team button and fill in the team name, organizer and season start and end dates (these can be changed later). Click Create.

Your first team is now created. Now click the team name listed in the table to be taken to that team's page. You can now create a payment schedule and add players to the team.

Create your team payment schedule

The payment schedule is the standard set of payments each team member is assigned when you add them to the team. We'll show you how to customize payments for individual players later.

You'll notice on the team page that your team's payment schedule is in DRAFT mode. When you're in draft mode you can edit the payment schedule. You also won't be able to invite players/parents to join the team until you've PUBLISHED that payment schedule. You can always put a payment schedule back in draft mode mid season (after you've started collecting) to edit it.

The payment schedule spells out each payment and dude date you want each player to pay. For instance, if you collect a $200 deposit on Dec 1, and monthly payments of $100 on Jan 1 and Feb 1, you will add three payments and see three line items. In other words, if you have recurring payments, you have to add a line item for each time it is billed.

When parents sign up to Groundwork, they are given two options to pay:

  • Enroll in AutoPay Enrolling in autopay and being billed automatically on the payment due dates. Parents are in complete control and can "stop" payments anytime before they are charged.
  • Pay All Now Groundwork automatically gives them the option of paying all payments up front, i.e. paying the balance in full. You do not need to create a separate "full payment" option, just create the installment plan.

To create and publish your payment schedule, follow these steps:

  1. Click View Payment Schedule, and then Edit Payment Schedule
  2. Add a payment by entering a description, amount and due date. You can make the payment optional (parents can choose to pay or not) or add an optional note. Click Add Payment to add the payment to the schedule. The new payment shows up with a green highlight to indicate it is not yet published.
  3. When you're done adding payments and your standard payment schedule is defined, click 'Publish'.

Your payment schedule is now published. You can invite players once they are added and they can sign up to pay. We highly encourage you to go through the signup process to see it for yourself. You can also see a step-by-step walkthrough here.

Add players to the team

If you don't know the players and parent emails ahead of time, you can use link signup. If you do, we recommend adding them to the team and sending email invites (read on).

You can add players at any time, but it's usually best to do it after you've published the payment schedule. Adding a new player requires the player name and the primary parent's email address. When a player is added to the team, all of the payments from the payment schedule are assigned to that player. The player will be added to the team roster and a player page will be created.

To add players, click Add Player(s). Enter the player names and parent email addresses. You can add multiple players at a time by clicking the "+" button. Click Add Players when you are done. This will not send invites yet. You can also add existing players from other teams, or use the bulk upload form. Our team can also help you bulk import the data. Email us at [email protected] for help.

Players have now been added to the team and have been assigned the standard payments. You can go to each player's page by clicking their name in the roster.

Customize Player Payments

If you need to customize payments for certain players, go to their player page. You can edit payment amounts and due dates by clicking the Actions button to the right of each payment. You can also add individual payments just to this player by clicking the Add Payment button.

If you've already received cash or check payments from these players, you can record those here to keep track of what's been paid. Click Record Payment.

When parents sign up, they will see the custom payments for their player.

Send Team Invitations

You've now defined a payment schedule, added players and optionally customized player payments. You're now ready to send invites. You can send all invitations at once by clicking the Send Invites button on the team page. You can send invites individually by clicking the Resend Invite button on each player page. If you need to send the invitation to a different email, you can also use the Resend Invite button.

Customize Notification Settings

By default, Groundwork sends upcoming and past due notifications to people who have signed up. Groundwork also by default sends upcoming payment reminders to people who have been invited but not yet signed up.

If you would like past due payment reminders to be sent to people who have been invited but not yet signed up, you can enable that in the Settings. If you enable this, we recommend sending at most two past due payment reminders so that these emails don't get marked as spam by recipients.

Keep an eye on signups

Invitations are out and parents are able to sign up. Keep track of who has signed up and who hasn't. If they haven't signed up, you aren't getting paid through Groundwork. We provide a quick summary of this information on the Dashboard. You can also see a detailed breakdown on the Players Overview page by clicking the Players icon in the left navigation bar.

Where to go from here

Now that you've set up your team and parents are signing up to pay, you may have a few more questions. Check out our knowledge base or drop us a line using the chat widget.