1. Follow the signup link

You will be directed to a welcome screen and be asked to provide your email address. This is the email address you'll receive automatic notifications to. If this is your first time signing up with Groundwork, we'll email you a code to verify you have access to this email. If you've signed up before, you'll have the opportunity to log in.

2. Choose your player and team/program

Enter your player name and choose what team you want to sign up for. If you're not sure, contact your team organizer.

3. Enter your contact info

If this is your first time signing up, you'll be asked for your name and number, and to set a password that you'll use to login in the future.

4. Review payments and choose how to pay

You'll now be presented with the payment schedule for the team.

5. Enter your payment information

6. Review and authorize billing

Lastly, review payments and authorize billing.

Now you're all signed up. What's next?

Once you click Authorize Billing, you're signed up for the team and should see a green success message. If you chose to enroll in AutoPay, we will send you automatic payment reminders before charging you automatically. We will notify you in the unlikely event a payment fails. If you chose to pay all now, we will bill you immediately for the entire amount.

You can view and manage payments in the future by logging in with your email address and password at https://app.ground.work/login.


Drop us a line using the live chat widget on the website or email us at [email protected]. We usually respond within a minute on the live chat during business hours.