There are four payment types used in Groundwork, as illustrated by the graphic below:

Payment In – the payer (parent) makes a payment into the Groundwork escrow account.

Payments in Groundwork can be made in a variety of ways:

  • During the sign-up process the payer elects to pay by autopay, meaning that the payer’s bank account or credit card will be automatically charged for each payment item on the due date. 
  • During the sign-up process the payer elects to pay all now, meaning that he is making a one-time payment that covers all payment items for the team he is signing up for.
  • A payer makes a cash or check payment directly to the team organizer (or assistant), who then manually enters the payment into the Groundwork application. 

Transfer Out – the payer’s (parent’s) payment is transferred from the escrow account into the organization or team’s bank account. 

This is a single, bulk transaction which happens once a day and includes all online payments in that have settled for that organization since the previous day’s transfer.

Transfer In – funds are withdrawn from the organization or team’s bank account and paid into the escrow account. 

This happens in the case of a refund or chargeback when money needs to be returned to the payer. It can sometimes happen when a bank payment fails.

Payment Out – a reversal of the payer’s payment in

The payment out transaction could include a return of funds to the payer, e.g. refund or chargeback, or it could indicate that the attempted payment has failed.