Below is a list of payment statuses used by Groundwork, along with an explanation as to when each of them is used. Keep in mind that a single payment item may have more than one status at the same time.

Awaiting Approval – when an organizer has added a payment or made a change to an existing payment after a payer has signed up, the payment item will have an awaiting approval status until the payer has approved the change. This only applies to changes that require the payer’s approval, e.g. a new payment, an increase in the payment amount, or moving up the due date. Decreasing the payment amount or postponing the due date does not require the payer’s approval and will not result in an awaiting approval status. The payer will, however, be notified by email whenever any change is made to a payment item. Payments will also display an ‘Awaiting Approval’ status on the reporting page when a player has been added to a team but has not yet signed up.

Charging Today – used for payments that have been approved by the payer (parent) and which are due to be charged today. This includes payments with a due date of today, but can also include payments that previously failed and which have just been assigned a new payment method by the payer (see also ‘Failed’ and ‘Late’).

Disputed – when a payment has been made and the charge is disputed by the payer and refunded.

Failed – when Groundwork has attempted to make a payment – either by Bank ACH or Credit Card – and the payment has failed. This could be for a variety of reasons, including (but not limited to) Insufficient Funds, Wrong Account Number, Account Closed or Card Expired.

Opted Out – when a payment item is identified as being ‘optional’ and the payer (parent) declines to pay for it, the payment will have an ‘opted out’ status. Parents can opt out of optional payments during the sign-up process or when changing their payment method. Organizers also have the ability to change a payment’s status from ‘opted-in’ to ‘opted-out’.

Paid – the payment item has been paid, either through an online (Bank ACH or Credit Card) or offline (cash or check) process. It's possible that items with a ‘paid’ status could still fail, be disputed or refunded at a later time. 

Past Due – a payment will have a ‘past due’ status if the payment remains unpaid past its due date. This could be because the payer has been invited but has not yet signed up, or it could be that the payer’s chosen payment method has been suspended (see ‘Failed’ and ‘Suspended’) and a new one has not yet been assigned. It could also be because the payer stopped the payment from being charged.

Processing – an interim state between ‘charging today’ and ‘paid’. A transaction has been run and posted to the payment processor and we are waiting for the funds to settle. Checkout our guide on payment processing times to learn more.

Refund Processing – an interim state between ‘paid’ and ‘refunded’. The payment item is in the process of being refunded.

Refunded – a payment item that has been refunded by the organizer from the Player Details page. If a payment item was paid partially offline (cash/check) and partially online (Bank ACH or Credit Card), only the portion paid online can be refunded through the Groundwork application, and only that portion will have a ‘refunded’ status.

Stopped – the payer has selected ‘stop payment’ for a particular payment item. Payments with a ‘stopped’ status do not get charged through the Autopay process until they resume the payment.

Suspended – when a bank payment fails or is disputed, the payment method used will be suspended. If a card payment fails too many times, the card will also be suspended. The failed transaction – along with any unpaid payment items – will display a ‘suspended’ status until the cause of the failed payment has been resolved or a new payment method has been assigned by the payer (see also ‘Disputed’ and ‘Failed’).

Upcoming – the due date of the payment item is in the future.