You may see the badge "Awaiting Approval" next to a player name or payment. This means that a change or addition has been made to the player's payments that needs the payer's approval before it can be charged. This only applies to players that are signed up and have already approved payments.

Payer Notification & Approval Process
When you make a change and see awaiting approval, Groundwork automatically notifies the payer by email with instructions on how to approve the payments. Payers need to log in to their Groundwork account and will be prompted to approve the changes.

Changes that need approval
Our rule is no surprises -- parents should only be charged for payments they approve. If a payment is added, or the due date is moved up, or the amount is increased, approval is needed from the payer before the payment can be charged.

Changes that don't need approval
If you delete a payment, lower the payment amount or move the due date back (later), the change does not need approval. Groundwork will still automatically notify the payer of the change.

Pro-tip: follow up on payments needing approval
If you see awaiting approval for more than a few days, you should manually follow-up with the payer. You can easily send them a message through Groundwork by going to the player page and clicking the Email Parent button at the bottom.