New Features

Add separate bank accounts to each team

Each team in your Groundwork account can now have a separate bank account connected to it. All funds collected for that team will be deposited into that bank account and refunds will also be made from this bank account. 

This feature pairs well with our team assistant feature which allows you to add another user to help manage this team.

To learn more, check out our guide on team bank accounts.

See how much money is currently processing

By popular request, we now report the total value of payments being processed. This will give you an idea of how much money you can expect to see in your bank account when the funds settle in the next few days.

Drill down into collections summaries with one click

All payment summary amounts are now clickable to reveal all of the payments/transactions that make them up. This is a great way to easily dive into the details and answer questions like, "what are all of the payments that are currently processing?".

When you click these summary numbers they will take you to the Reportingpage which automatically filters to show only the relevant items that make up the number you clicked.

We've also beefed up the reporting page. We added a search box and more filters. You can also click on the player and team names in the results to close the loop and take you to their pages.

Lastly, you can export all of the data from the current view you've created with the filters you set by clicking the export button at the bottom of the page.

Add memos to recorded payments

We've added a memo field when recording offline payments so you can add custom notes. 

This memo will be appended to the note we automatically generate when recording an offline payment. 

New Pricing

As we've grown and learned more about the needs of youth sports teams and clubs, we discovered how big of a barrier transaction fees are to adopting online payment solutions. We've also learned that the best way to solve the problem is to move all collections online and ditch cash and check payments. So, we've come up with new pricing that eliminates transaction fees for not-for-profit teams and clubs so they can keep 100% of what they collect.

Today, we're announcing our new pricing for not-for-profits as well as a new model for for-profits. Our not-for-profit model has a $10/mo per team subscription and no transaction fees for the team/club. Parents can pay for free with their bank, or by card if they pay the additional card processing fees. Check out our pricing page for details.

If you like your current pricing, you'll keep it by default. If you'd like to change to one of our new models please let us know before your next season and we'd be happy to change it for you.

New Tutorials and Guides

We continue to add content to our help center to help new users get started. Here are a few helpful additions:

Parent help guides en español

Team assistant introduction article and video tutorial series

Understanding Groundwork's Reporting Feature