What is an “upfront discount”?

One great way to incentive parents to pay their fees early and in full is to offer a discount if they pay in full before the beginning of the season. Parents are given two options for payment timing when they sign up for one of your teams: 

  1. AutoPay - Enroll in automatic payments and be charged automatically on the dates payments are due.
  2. Pay All Now - Make one payment right now to cover all outstanding fees.

With an upfront discount, you can offer a financial incentive to encourage parents to pay upfront in full. 

The discount is set on a team-by-team basis and it can vary from team to team. For each team offering a discount, you are able to specify the dollar amount of the discount, a cut-off date for when the discount offer expires, and a minimum purchase amount required before the discount is offered.

How to set (or edit) an upfront discount for a team.

To add the discount for a team…

  1. Go to the team details page and click the edit icon in the “Team Overview” section.
  2. In the “Edit Team Overview” window, click the checkbox that reads “Enable discount for upfront payment in full.” This will expose a form where you enter the terms of the offer:

    Discount Amount - This is the dollar amount of the discount you want to offer for upfront payment in full. This should be an amount you are comfortable not collecting as a tradeoff to be paid in full upfront. For example, if you want to collect $500 from each player spread evenly over a 4-month season, then you might be OK with a $20.00 discount for upfront payment in full. If so, enter “20” in this field.

    Cut-off Date - This is the last day the discount will be offered for the team. We recommend you set this date to be on, or close to, the due date of your first payment in order to encourage payment in full before the season starts. (Parents who qualify for the discount will see the cut-off date during sign-up. We do not show the cut-off date once it has passed and the discount is no longer offered.)

    Minimum Purchase -
     This is the minimum amount that the parent must owe in order for the discount to be offered. This can help prevent you from giving discounts to players who are already paying a lower amount because of scholarships or other discounts. For example, you might edit the payment items for one player to include a 50% scholarship. When that player signs-up, will you still be able to afford offering the upfront discount on this reduced payment total? If not, then set the “Minimum Purchase” to the lowest amount where you will still be comfortable offering the discount (typically this is just below the expected total due for a player paying the full cost).
  3. Click “Save” button to save your changes.
  4. Allow the page to refresh and you will see a “Changes saved” banner at the top of the page, plus the terms of your discount will now be shown in the Team Overview section.

To edit the discount for a team…

All of the settings noted above can be edited at any time. Just go to the details page for the appropriate team, click the “Team Overview” edit icon, make your desired edits, and click “Save”.

To completely remove the discount offer from a team, just go to the details page for that team, click the “Team Overview” edit icon, uncheck the “Enable discount for upfront payment in full.” checkbox, and click “Save”.

When a parent signs-up and receives the upfront discount, the discounted amount is spread proportionally across all payment items covered by the payment. For example, if you apply a $60 discount to a payment schedule that includes three differing payment items totaling $600, you will receive $540 in payments and the $60 discount will be spread across all three payment items.

Explanatory notes are added to the “Player Details Page”.

On the player details page, a note is appended to the payment description of all payment items covered by the discount. The note includes the tag “DISCOUNT” and lists the discount amount and date paid. (Parents will see similar notes in their portal.)