In Groundwork, a team is meant to last for one season and not meant to be carried over to the next season. This helps keep your accounting clean from season-to-season. When your season is over, it's time to declutter and prepare for your next season. Here's how we recommend doing that.

Archive teams to declutter

You can archive teams in Groundwork to remove them from view. It will also remove them from the summaries on the dashboard. When you archive teams, Groundwork will keep a record of all paid payments that you can access from Reporting. Any unpaid payments will be removed.

Track unpaid dues using another team

Your season may be over and you may want to archive a team but you still have a few unpaid dues. If you don't expect those payments to be paid soon, here's what we recommend doing.

  1. Create a team for last season's dues, for example "2018-2019 Dues". 
  2. In the payment schedule, set a single payment for "2018-2019 Unpaid Dues" and a dummy value of $10. Then publish the payment schedule. 
  3. Add players with unpaid dues to the team. They will get a single payment of $10 called "2018-2019 Unpaid Dues". Go to their player page to customize this amount to the amount they owe.

Create teams for next season

Now that you've cleared out the old, it's time for the new. If you need a reminder on creating and setting up teams, check out this guide.