A financial commitment agreement (or sign-up agreement) is a great way to make sure parents are agreeing to the terms of your club before securing their spot on your team. By putting a financial commitment agreement in place, you are reminding parents that a commitment to the team means a financial commitment as well, and asking them to accept your club's payment policies before enrolling in the payment plan.

To put a financial agreement in place, you will first add an agreement for your club, then you can enable it on a team-by-team basis. In just a few easy steps, you can have your own agreement in place.


Step 1: Set up a custom agreement for your club.

The first step is to add the agreement content for your club. 

  1. Go to Settings > Sign-up Agreement.
  2. Check the Sign-up Agreement checkbox. 
  3. Enter an agreement name. (Parents will see this name.)
  4. Enter agreement content. (You may paste this from a copied source.)
  5. Click Save (Note: You will not be able to edit this agreement once it has been saved, so please triple-check that it is correct.)

Step 2: Enable agreement for each team individually.

The Sign-up Agreement can be toggled on/off on a team-by-team basis. 

This setting can be accessed from each team's Edit Team Overview dIalog. (The setting is also available on the Add Team and Copy Team dialogs.)

Step 3: Agreement is presented to parents during sign-up.

Parents must indicate that they accept the terms of your agreement before they are able to complete the sign-up process.

Updating your Financial Commitment Agreement

If you'd like to update your club's agreement, send us an email with the updated agreement at [email protected]