How do I sign up for payments?

You will either need a club-specific signup link or an email invitation from your club. If you don't have the signup link, reach out to your club directly and they should be able to provide this to you. If your club has invited you to signup via email invitation, the email should look something like this: An Invitation from [your club] - Action Required

When I'm creating my account, is it my information or the player's information?

When you are first signing up for your player, you will create your Groundwork account first - this is where we collect some information about you, as the parent. You will want to enter in your name, phone number and birth date, as the parent. 

I have multiple kids that I need to signup. How do I do that?

You can only signup one player at a time, but if you have more than child to sign up, you can have them on your same account. So with the signup link from your club, go ahead and start with one child. Once you've set up the payments for that player, go back to the signup link again to sign up the next child - the process will be the same with setting up their payments.  

I'd like to signup with a different email address. How can I change it?

If you have not created your Groundwork account yet, you can have the club change the email address for you. If you have already created your account and/or set up your payments, you can change your email address from your account. Sign in and click on your name on the top right corner. If you go to Account Details, you'll be able to change your email address there.

I'm trying to add my bank as a payment method - which address do I use?

You will want to use your personal billing address when adding your bank as a payment method, not the bank's address.

If you have another question about signing up that is not listed here, you can reach out to Groundwork Support directly by emailing us at [email protected] or using the blue chat widget on the bottom corner of the site.