Sometimes you might see money transferring out of your club’s bank account. Here are some common reasons for this:

  • refund has been made back to a player’s account
  • A parent has disputed a payment
  • A failed bank transfer

Here's how to view the details of this transfer:

1. Go to the Reporting page and view Transactions. 

2. Filter for the Transaction Type to Transfer In. 

This will list all transactions in which money has been transferred from your club bank account back to a parent account. Click the pop-out link for the transaction in question.

3. Review the Transaction Details 

Another tab will open with details for the transfer from your bank account, including any invoice items that are associated with it. This page will give you an idea for the reason for the transfer by the invoice items, which provide the payment descriptions and players.

For more information on that invoice, you can click that invoice link (In the example, ‘Fees Spring 2020’). 

4. Review the Invoice Details 

This allows you to see the status, and a history of transactions in the Related Transactions section. In this example, the transfer is due to an issued refund as the status is Refund Processing, and in Related Transactions, there is an Invoice Refund for the player followed by the Transfer In from the club bank account.

For more on the Reporting Feature, check out this article: Understanding the Reporting Feature