In cases where you want players to able to register themselves, you can use JotForm to integrate with Groundwork to register players and sign them up to pay. This is a great option for tryout teams, clinics, etc.

JotForm is an independent tool that allows you to create and customize forms. You can customize the fields, buttons, inputs, and information that you want to gather from parents - check out our example form here. Use this form to gather any information you need for your records.

On Groundwork, you'll want to create a team with link sign up enabled. Edit the payment schedule and add any evaluation fees. Set the due date to today. Then when parents sign up, they'll be prompted to pay the payment immediately.

How To Create the Jotform

  1. Choose "Create Form" in the top left
  2. Choose "All Questions On One Page"
  3. Chose "Import Form"
  4. Select "From a Web Page" and paste in this link:

Your form has been created. JotForm makes it easy to customize the fields and inputs you want, so feel free to add any information you'd like to collect or remove any fields that don't apply to you.

How to Redirect your form to Groundwork

  1. After creating your form, click "Settings" in the top middle of the page
  2. Click "Thank You Page" at the bottom of the menu on the left hand side
  3. Select "Redirect to external link"
  4. Paste your Groundwork signup link into the URL field

See these steps here:

When parents fill out the form, you'll receive all the information they provide there, and then they'll be redirected to Groundwork, where they can sign up for your tryout team and pay any applicable fees.

As always, don't hesitate to reach out to Support if you need additional guidance!