Player Bulk Email

You can now send an email to all or some players from the Players page. This, in conjunction with the recently added Team Bulk Email, greatly enhances the ease with which emails can be sent to many players at once.

Player Page Filtering

The player page can now be filtered to show players with the following status badges:

  • AutoPay Stopped
  • Awaiting Approval
  • No Invite Sent
  • Not Signed Up

Just select what you want to see from the dropdown in the upper left. 

Pro Tip: Use the "Find on this page..." search box in the upper right of the page to filter the view even further, e.g., type in a team name to limit results by team.

Unaccepted Invites Tally and Link on Dash

The number of unaccepted invites is now clearly called out on the owner dash. Clicking this link will take you to the Players page filtered to show only players that have not accepted invites (as shown above). And from there it is easy to select all players (or just certain ones) and send a reminder email.