Optimization = Speed

This major release focused on optimizing system performance and stability. The end result for you is that all pages now load much faster.

Enhanced Reporting

Reporting now offers two views: Invoices View and Transactions View. (And did we mention? The page now loads quicker than ever! ;-)

Invoices View

The Invoices View lists out all payment items for each player and shows their status.

To help you find exactly what you are looking for, results can be filtered by player (or by groups of players, such as All "Not Signed Up" Players). Other filters include team, invoice status and date range.

Each Description in the results table links to a details panel that lists all transactions related to the invoice. Related transactions may include the invoice payment, any transactions incurred if the payment fails, and the related Transfer Out transaction.

Transactions View
The Transactions View lists out all the invoice payment-related transactions that impact your account. 

And, as with invoices, these results can be filtered by important attributes.

See an Itemized List of Transfers Out

Each transaction Description allows you to drill in for more details, including seeing a list of all relevant invoices. For a Transfer Out transaction, this means you get an itemized list of all invoices included in that transfer. And this list can be exported as a .csv file to share with your bookkeeper.