The term ‘Offline Payment’ refers to payments which, rather than being paid through Groundwork online, are instead paid directly by cash or check. Team Organizers can manually record such payments into the system via the player’s page.

  1. From the player’s page, click the Record Payment button.
  2. When the Record Payment window opens, select the Check or Cash tab at the top of the page according to your payment method.
  3. Complete the required fields: check number (if applicable), amount, and payment date. The Memo field is optional. Anything you type into this field will be displayed with this payment and will be visible to both organizers and parents.
  4. Click the Next button. The second Record Payment window will open and will display all payment items which are eligible to be paid offline (payment items with a status of paid, processing or opted out will not be shown, nor will payment items associated with payment schedules that are on hold). The system will automatically allocate the amount of your payment, starting with the payment item that is due next. If the amount of your payment exceeds the amount of the payment item that is due next, the balance will be applied to the payment item that is due after that, and so on. You can amend this so that the payment is allocated in any way that you wish. Note: the exact amount of your cash or check payment must be allocated to payment items listed on this page; the system will not allow you to record funds that are not allocated to a payment. You do not have to pay the full amount of any of the payment items; partial payments are ok.
  5. When you have finished allocating the funds from your offline payment, click the Record Payment button. You will be returned to the player’s page, which will  be updated to reflect the offline payment you just added. 
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