Stop Payment Notification

An email notification is now sent to the club organizer and to relevant team assistants whenever a parent opts to “Stop” AutoPay for an upcoming payment. 

When stopping a payment, the parent is also required to enter an explanation. This explanation is included in the notification email sent to the club.

Change Request Notification

Parents are often contacting us to ask for changes to a payment. For example, they may not be ready to make a full payment at a particular time but they want to pay a partial amount now and more later. Now parents can make requests like this directly to the club by selecting the “Request Change” option on unpaid payments. When a this happens an email notification is sent to the club. You can then act on the change request as you see fit.

Emails from

To improve email deliverability, all emails we send will now come from Please note this is different than our website address of

Both are us: and We now send emails from to ensure our emails make it to the intended inbox. The top-level domain .work is new and some email providers automatically mark emails from these new domains as spam. So to make sure upcoming payment reminders, team invites, etc. are received, we now send from the domain.

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