Receive Past Due and Failed Card Payment Notifications 

A setting has been added to allow club organizers and team assistants to opt in to receive email notifications when a parent card payment fails or when we send out a past due payment reminder.

Opt In to Receive These Notifications

This setting is specific to your individual account and it is set to off by default. To opt in, go to Settings > Notification Settings and check the relevant option.

Assistants Can Now Verify Team Bank Accounts

Assistants are now able to enter team bank account two-drop verification info.

Leave Team 

We now cc team assistants on the email notification sent to the parents (and the club organizer) when a parent opts to leave a team via Groundwork (i.e., when a parent opts to cancel all outstanding AutoPay payments in Groundwork). 

Also, the following language has been added to the  “Leave Team” warning dialog to make it clear that parents are still responsible for unpaid payments: Leaving the team using Groundwork will cancel AutoPay for all remaining payments for the team, but this does not absolve you of financial responsibility to the club for these payments.

Other Updates

  • Email Parent: Subject line character limit increased to 80.
  • "Stopped" Badge: Text for this badge has been changed to "AutoPay Stopped".

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