"Bounced Check Fee": Cost Reduction

The fee that our banking partners charge when a payment is disputed or when a bank payment fails has been reduced from $35 to $25, and we are happily passing that savings on to you!

For more information on these fees, please refer to this help desk article.

Scholarships: System Note and Custom Memo

Now when you add a scholarship, Groundwork automatically adds a note, plus you can also add your own custom memo.

You will see these notes and memos on the Player Details page. And Parents will see them on their Dash and Payments pages. 

To add a scholarship to the amounts a parent owes, go to their Player Details page and select the "Edit Amount" action on any unpaid payment item.

Record Payment: User-defined Payment Date

You can now specify a payment date when recording offline payments. (Previously, payment date defaulted to the date the entry was made.)

Parent Sign-up: Upfront Discount

The new “upfront discount” feature allows your teams to offer a financial incentive in order to encourage parents to pay their fees for the entire season upfront.

For a detailed review of this feature, please refer to this help desk article

Parent Dashboard: Invites Shown

Parents with existing accounts can now accept invites from their Groundwork Dashboard page. In this way, when parents sign in to Groundwork, they will know right away if they have an open invite for a team, without having to check their email.

Parent Sign-up: Confirmation Email

From now on, an email will be sent to parents confirming sign-up for a team. 

Parent Settings: Payment Method Management

Parents can now delete a saved bank account or credit card, right from their “Settings” page. (Note that a payment method cannot be deleted if it is associated with an upcoming payment, so there will always be a method on file to cover unpaid items the parent has already agreed to.)

Failed Payment Notification Email: Team Assistants Now Cc'd

We now include team assistants on the notification emails we automatically send to organizers to alert them about failed parent payments and chargebacks.

Team Player Roster: "Current" Payment Status

The payment status shown in the Player Roster (on a Team Details page) for players who are in good standing — meaning they don't have any overdue payments for the team, and they are signed up for future payments — now reads "Current" (instead of "Paid-up", which was confusing). 

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