The Reporting page allows Organizers to easily view all transactions across their entire organization. This includes offline and online transactions, deposits to your bank account, refunds, transfers from your bank account and fees. And unlike the data exports in Settings, which only include paid items, the Reporting page also includes upcoming payments.


You can use the filters to limit which transactions are displayed:

Payment Type – the type of transaction. For more detailed information, check out our guide on payment types.

Payment Status – the status of the payment, e.g. paid, upcoming, stopped, refunded, etc.  A payment item may have more than one status. For more detailed information, check out our guide on payment statuses.

Payment Method – the payment method used

Team – the team name.

Paid Date – select either current month, last 3 months or current year

Due Date – select either ‘within 7 days (+/-)’ or ‘within 30 days (+/-)’

Tip: Payment Type, Payment Status, Payment Method and Team are mutli-select filters, which means that you can choose more than one option in the drop-down menu.


There is a manual search field which allows you to type in a specific word or phrase, e.g. player name or payment description. This can be used in conjunction with the filters to further refine which transactions are displayed.

Column Sort

You can sort the data in any of the columns by clicking on the column header.


You can elect to see 10, 25, 50 or 100 transaction lines per page. Then use the page number navigation to move from page to page.

Export Current View

Once you have applied your filters and the results are exactly as you want them, you can export the data to a .csv file by clicking the export current view button.

This will export the results exactly as they are on the page, i.e. with whatever filters and search terms you have applied. 

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