Our product team has been working hard to add new features and improve the Groundwork experience for clubs, teams and parents. Your feedback has enabled us to build a great product. Keep it coming!

New Features


You may have noticed a new tab on the left nav-bar called Reporting. This is a huge new feature that has been highly requested. 

Reporting gives you the ability to search, sort and filter on all payments in your account. We hope it helps answer questions like these:

  • What are all of the bank payments that are processing?
  • How much money will I collect next month?
  • What are all of the payments that are stopped?

There are built-in filters to help you narrow down the results and answer these questions. For instance, you can filter by payment type (e.g. payment, refund, etc.), payment status (e.g. late, processing, etc.), payment method (cash, check, bank, card), and due date. There’s also a search box that is like a more flexible filter. For example if you only want to see certain payments like deposits, you can search for “deposit”. 

You can export your results using the Export Current View if you want to share them with others or generate custom reports in Excel.

This is just Version 1.0 of Reporting and we need your feedback to help make it better. Please let us know what you like, don’t like and what’s missing.

Bulk add players to team

Adding players to the team is now even easier because you can now do it in bulk. This feature gives you the ability to copy and paste names and emails from a spreadsheet and Groundwork will parse the results.


We've switched to Intercom for customer support

We recently switched our customer support software from Zendesk to Intercom. You may notice a change in the appearance of the chat box or the emails you receive from us. For us, this is a major upgrade and improves our ability to serve you. Over time, we’ll be adding in-app guides and pro-tips using Intercom. The better we can communicate about Groundwork, the better your experience will be, and Intercom helps us achieve that.

By the way, our shiny new knowledge base that has answers to many of your questions is now located at help.ground.work

Unsent invites are linked to on the dashboard

We now link the unsent invites summary to the players page and filter for the players who have not been invited. This makes it easy for you to see who hasn't been invited yet with one click.

Misc changes

  • A diagram showing the account and routing number on a check has been added to the parent checkout when they enter their banking information.
  • Player names can now be edited on the player overview page.
  • The reply-to address in Past Due and Upcoming Payment notifications to parents now points to the team/club account email address instead of Groundwork. When parents reply to one of these emails it will go to you.
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