Setting up a team for auto-pay is easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Create a new team by clicking the 'Teams' icon in the left navigation bar, then clicking 'Add Team'. Fill out the team information and click 'Create'
  2. You should now see your new team listed in the table. Click the team name to go to the team page.
  3. Create a payment schedule by clicking 'Edit Payment Schedule'. When you're done click 'Publish'.
  4. You're now ready to add players. Click the 'Add Player(s)' button. You can add any number of players. Enter the player name and the parent's (payer's) email.
  5. Once players are added to the team you will see them listed in the player roster. You can go to a player page by clicking the player name. You can customize payments for each player there.
  6. If you haven't already, send the invites by clicking the yellow 'Send Unsent Invites' button.
  7. You can resend invites to particular players by going to the player page and clicking 'Re-send invite'. This will also give you an opportunity to change the recipient email address.

That's it. Keep an eye on parent signups from the Dashboard and Players pages. Parents that sign up will be notified and billed automatically.

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